Suspense! Intrigue! Witty Banter! Welcome to Deadwood!

This is the homepage for the previous adventures of The Mikado, Frank Butterscotch, Fargo Featherdeath, Darcy O’Donnel, and Phineas Gauge. This group of heroes walked into the Hunting Grounds for a mysterious mission, and twenty years later emerged. In many ways they were the same men (and women) that entered the sacred hunting grounds. In some ways they were different all together. The group split, seemingly, as soon as they set foot back on Deadwood soil.

A new gang of adventurers heads West in the year 1925 to the neutral city of Deadwood in the Sioux Nations. R.H. Hemlock Soles, Israel Apfelbaum, and Grant Holcomb are three tough amigos aiming at making a name for themselves as private investigators. Their tale has taken them from the City of Lost Angels, to Arkham, Massachusetts, and even south to New Orleans.


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