Bounty on the Friars Gang

The Friar's Gang is wanted for a series of grave robberies and murders that have occurred over the last 5 years. The gang's leader is the gnome "Friar" Scanlan Tuck, a former cleric of the Church of Pelor in St. Asref. He was excommunicated 7 years ago for 'speaking of blasphemous acts'. He disappeared from the record and reemerged 2 years later in the company of his gang. The other members are:

Francois "Deadeye" Dubois, human male. Hair: Black  Eyes: brown Slight of build. He was once a tinkerer and alchemist  in Dubois. He is known to use firearms.

Reggie "Rediron", human male. Hair: brown  Eyes: Brown  His origin is unknown, but he has been known to pose as a blacksmith.

Meera Jakob, human female. Hair: auburn Eyes: green  She is wanted by the Patrian Crown for theft committed in Denerim and Redcliffe, and is wanted in Terra Incognita for theft and embezzlement in New Denerim. She is a known practitioner of the arcane arts.

"Coffinshield", half-orc male.  Extremely violent

The gang's last known location was just north of Greenwood. They had robbed some graves and fled, after killing three townsguard. Their hideout is rumored to be in the Eyesafar Hills, though no scouting parties have returned to confirm this.

Bounty on the Friars Gang

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