The town of Greenwood was founded 75 years ago. The original group of settlers headed west to seek more independence from the Crown. They originally intended to settle in St. Asref, then a small town in existence for about 24 years, but did not find the freedom they sought. They traveled up the river and found a large grove of trees and decided to settle there. Soon after, they were confronted by the Clawfoot Tribe who claimed the land. More settlers came from St. Asref and negotiations with the tribe soon fell through, culminating in a small battle between the settlers and the tribe. The settlers seemed to win and the Clawfoot retreated, but not before cursing the land and issuing a warning to never enter the Briarwood, just to the east. The beautiful green trees soon died and petrified. The town remains, and has grown somewhat, surrounded by a ring of dead trees. Many people refer to the town as Deadwood, though the official name on maps remains Greenwood.

For current events, please see the lastest edition of the Greenwood Gazette

<u>Places of Interest</u>

Jilaks General Store

Jacobsons Blacksmith and Stables

Greenwood Constabulary

Tink and Tonks Tinkery and Blackpowder Suppliers

Dead Oak Inn


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